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APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION CATECHESI TRADENDAE OF POPE JOHN PAUL II ON CATECHESIS IN OUR TIME INTRODUCTION Christ's Final Command 1 The Church has always considered catechesis one of her primary tasks, for, before Christ ascended to His Father after His resurrection, He gave the apostles a final command - to make disciples of all nations and to teach them to observe all that He had … Thus it is no surprise that every stirring in the field of theology also has repercussions in that of catechesis. It is true that being a Christian means saying "yes" to Jesus Christ, but let us remember that this "yes" has two levels: It consists in surrendering to the word of God and relying on it, but it also means, at a later stage, endeavoring to know better - and better the profound meaning of this word. They deserve to be given warm encouragement in this endeavor. Forms a pair with Paul VI’s document – evanglisation and catechesis. Pope Paul VI, Encyclical Ecclesiam Suam, Part Three, AAS 56 (1964), pp. Unfaithfulness on some point to the integrity of the message means a dangerous weakening of catechesis and putting at risk the results that Christ and the ecclesial community have a right to expect from it. To "hold on" in this world, to offer to all a "dialogue of salvation"(101) in which each person feels respected in his or her most basic dignity, the dignity of one who is seeking God, we need a catechesis which trains the young people and adults of our communities to remain clear and consistent in their faith, to affirm serenely their Christian and Catholic identity, to "see him who is invisible"(102) and to adhere so firmly to the absoluteness of God that they can be witnesses to Him in a materialistic civilization that denies Him. (90) The Christian community cannot carry out a permanent catechesis without the direct and skilled participation of adults, whether as receivers or as promoters of catechetical activity. In Ioannis Evangelium Tractatus, 97, 1: PL 35, 1877. The Adaptation of Catechesis for Young People. Care will then be taken that every effort is made to ensure that the presentation is truly objective and free from the distorting influence of ideological and political systems or of prejudices with claims to be scientific. 41. 962-963; Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, Directorium Catechisticum Generale 20: AAS 64 (1972), p. 112; cf. 113. Deceitful or beguiling language is no better. Second Vatican Council, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 11: AAS 57 (1965), p. 16; cf. also Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium 15: AAS 57 (1965), p. 19. The most recent Popes gave catechesis a place of eminence in their pastoral solicitude. The document — entitled Catechesi Tradendae — was ultimately published on October 16, 1979, the one-year anniversary of John Paul II’s election to the papacy. Thus, for catechesis to be effective, it must be permanent, and it would be quite useless if it stopped short at the threshold of maturity, since catechesis, admittedly under another form, proves no less necessary for adults. We must be realists. 21. Throughout the New Testament, especially in the Gospels, how many times is He given this title of Teacher! 38. Accept therefore what I say to you from my heart. In this way every association of the faithful in the Church has by definition the duty to educate in the faith. It is also directed to those who in childhood received a catechesis suited to their age but who later drifted away from all religious practice and as adults find themselves with religious knowledge of a rather childish kind. Certain contemporary philosophical schools, which seem to be exercising a strong influence on some theological currents and, through them, on pastoral practice, like to emphasize that the fundamental human attitude is that of seeking the infinite, a seeking that never attains its object. "No one can arrive at the whole truth on the basis solely of some simple private experience, that is to say, without an adequate explanation of the message of Christ, who is `the way, and the truth, and the life' (Jn. This will be true all the more if it inspires serious efforts - including the effort of self-purification in the humility and the fervor of the Spirit in order to clear the ways - with a view not to facile irenics made up of omissions and concessions on the level of doctrine, but to perfect unity, when and by what means the Lord will wish. Recent Examples on the Web Mary Grace Walsh, director of the office of education, evangelization and catechesis. I wholeheartedly encourage those engaged in the work. Polski. 14. (74) Since Rerum novarum especially, social concern has been actively present in the catechetical teaching of the Popes and the Bishops. Jesus taught. It was the age of Cyril of Jerusalem and John Chrysostom, of Ambrose and Augustine, the age that saw the flowering, from the pen of numerous Fathers of the Church, of works that are still models for us. also Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, Directorium Catechisticum Generale 45 (AAS 64 [1972], p. 124), where the principal and complementary sources of catechesis are well set out. The revelation of Jesus Christ as a Friend, Guide and Model, capable of being admired but also imitated; the revelation of this message which provides an answer to the fundamental questions, the revelation of the loving plan of Christ the Savior as the incarnation of the only authentic love and as the possibility of uniting the human race - all this can provide the basis for genuine education in faith. (129), In keeping with this, St. Paul gives each disciple of Christ the instruction: "Be filled with the Spirit. "(116) That is why every big parish or every group of parishes with small numbers has the serious duty to train people completely dedicated to providing catechetical leadership (priests, men and women religious, and lay people), to provide the equipment needed for catechesis under all aspects, to increase and adapt the places for catechesis to the extent that it is possible and useful to do so, and to be watchful about the quality of the religious formation of the various groups and their integration into the ecclesial community. "(39) His numerous letters continue and give greater depth to his teaching. This catechesis is didactic in character, but is directed towards the giving of witness in the faith. This gives rise to a second remark. 74. It lies at the origin of the Roman Catechism, which is also known by the name of that council and which is a work of the first rank as a summary of Christian teaching and traditional theology for use by priests. Consult also on this point the Directorium Catechisticum Generale, 37-46 (loc. Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time and how to undertake it than Catechesi Tradendae. 21. De Catechizandis Rudibus, PL 40, 310-347. Catechesis in the Wide Sense Necessary for Maturity and Strength of Faith. . By becoming part of them in the right way, it will achieve the diversity and complementarity of approach that will enable it to develop all the riches of its concept, with its three dimensions of word, memorial and witness-doctrine, celebration and commitment in living - which the synod Message to the People of God emphasized.(92). There are many observations that could be made about the special characteristics that catechesis assumes at the different stages of life. How are we to enable them to know the meaning, the import, the fundamental requirements, the law of love, the promises and the hopes of this kingdom? I cannot insist too strongly on this early initiation by Christian parents in which the child's faculties are integrated into a living relationship with God. They must be ensured a catechesis attuned to them, so that they will be able to grow in faith and live by lt more and more, in spite of the lack of support or even the opposition they meet in their surroundings. Your principal role will be to bring about and maintain in your Churches a real passion for catechesis, a passion embodied in a pertinent and effective organization, putting into operation the necessary personnel, means and equipment, and also financial resources. 118. That is why catechetical activity should be able to be carried out in favorable circumstances of time and place, and should have access to the mass media and suitable equipment, without discrimination against parents, those receiving catechesis or those imparting it. "(29) It was not they who chose to follow Jesus; it was Jesus who chose them, kept them with Him, and appointed them even before His Passover, that they should go and bear fruit and that their fruit should remain. These include Catholic action groups, charitable groups, prayer groups and Christian meditation groups. 7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2. Many synod fathers rightly insisted that the rich heritage of the Church's social teaching should, in appropriate forms, find a place in the general catechetical education of the faithful. Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae. May the Virgin of Pentecost obtain this for us through her intercession. Th., III, Q. It is likewise directed to those who feel the effects of a catechesis received early in life but badly imparted or badly assimilated. Again, many pre-adolescents and adolescents who have been baptized and been given a systematic catechesis and the sacraments still remain hesitant for a long time about committing their whole lives to Jesus Christ - if, moreover, they do not attempt to avoid religious education in the name of their freedom. These considerations follow in the wake of the great traditions of the Church and they all strengthen our fervor with regard to Christ, the Teacher who reveals God to man and man to himself, the Teacher who saves, sanctifies and guides, who lives, who speaks, rouses, moves, redresses, judges, forgives, and goes with us day by day on the path of history, the Teacher who comes and will come in glory. There can be no doubt that the Church will find the experts and the right means for responding, with God's grace, to the complex requirements of communicating with the people of today. Catechismo Maggiore, Fifth Part, chap. 45. In the unfortunately decreasing number of countries in which it is possible to give education in the faith within the school framework, the Church has the duty to do so as well as possible. It should also help non-Catholics to have a better knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic Church and her conviction of being the "universal help toward salvation.". The great movement, one certainly inspired by the Spirit of Jesus, that has for some years been causing the Rradendae Church to seek with other Christian Churches or confessions the restoration of the perfect unity willed by the Lord, brings me to the question of the ecumenical character of catechesis. 3-4. From the oral teaching by the apostles and the letters circulating among the churches down to the most modern means, catechesis has not ceased to look for the most suitable ways and means for its mission, with the active participation of the communities and at the urging of the pastors. Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem, 11: AAS 58 (1966), p. 848. Needless to say, this is not true catechesis. 9. 67. 965-966. The achievements in these spheres are such as to encourage the greatest hope. 11:23: the word "deliver" employed here by St. Paul was frequently repeated in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi to describe the evangelizing activity of the Church, for example 4, 15, 78, 79. (59) This is a sure point of reference for the content of catechesis. "(122) And He added: "When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth...he will declare to you the things that are to come. Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time and how to undertake it than Catechesi Tradendae. It is in fact a matter of giving growth, at the level of knowledge and in life, to the seed of faith sown by the Holy Spirit with the initial proclamation and effectively transmitted by Baptism. This is true of this document and the others listed below which follow synodal meetings.] cit., p. 96; cf. At a time when, in non-religious teaching in certain countries, more and more complaints are being made about the unfortunate consequences of disregarding the human faculty of memory, should we not attempt to put this faculty back into use in an intelligent and even an original way in catechesis, all the more since the celebration or "memorial" of the great events of the history of salvation require a precise knowledge of them? There is also a pedagogy of faith, and the good that it can do for catechesis cannot be overstated. It is the witness that He gives of Himself: "Day after day I sat in the temple teaching. Meaning of the Term Catechesis Catechesis comes from the Greek word Katecheo which means ‘to sound from above’ ‘to echo or’ ‘to hand down’, in the Greek context, this word is used to refer to poets addressing their hearers from a stage. © Copyright 1979 - Libreria Editrice Vaticana. 2; a. There would be no catechesis if it were the Gospel that had to change when it came into contact with the cultures. For this purpose, catechesis will seek to know these cultures and their essential components; it will learn their most significant expressions; it will respect their particular values and riches. 7:16. Churches that are flourishing today would not have been built up without them. Catechesis is intimately bound up with the whole of the Church's life. Christocentricity in catechesis also means the intention to transmit not one's own teaching or that of some other master, but the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Truth that He communicates or, to put it more precisely, the Truth that He is. But the word of the Lord completed its course down the centuries; it sped on and triumphed, to use the words of the Apostle Paul.(42). It is important for the Church to give proof today, as she has done at other periods of her history, of evangelical wisdom, courage and fidelity in seeking out and putting into operation new methods and new prospects for catechetical instruction. 24. 10:25; 26:18 and parallel passages. APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION CATECHESI TRADENDAE OF POPE JOHN PAUL II ON CATECHESIS IN OUR TIME INTRODUCTION Christ's Final Command 1 The Church has always considered catechesis one of her primary tasks, for, before Christ ascended to His Father after His resurrection, He gave the apostles a final command - to make disciples of all nations and to teach them to observe all that He had … 1:14; Heb. And needless to say, although your zeal must sometimes impose upon you the thankless task of denouncing deviations and correcting errors, it will much more often win for you the joy and consolation of seeing your Churches flourishing because catechesis is given in them as the Lord wishes. The homily should have its place not only in every Sunday and feast-day Eucharist, but also in the celebration of baptisms, penitential liturgies, marriages and funerals. They also have a duty to make them understand that, although God's call to serve Him in spirit and truth, in accordance with the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church, does not apply constraint, it is nevertheless binding in conscience. Thus will she effectively carry out, at this moment of grace, her inalienable and universal mission, the mission given her by her Teacher: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."(138). All these are traits that distinguish a young person from his or her companions as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The catechist must have first said "yes" to Jesus. The work of drafting this document was initiated by Pope Paul VI, based on documents of the Synod Fathers, continued by John Paul I and completed by John Paul II. 11. (47) It is for specialists to clarify more and more its concept and divisions. But the term "catechists" belongs above all to the catechists in mission lands. Vatican: Holy See, "Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time", "Catechesi Tradendae (October 16, 1979) | John Paul II", John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice, John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization, John Paul II Foundation for Research and Treatment, Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński, Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Catechesi_tradendae&oldid=984168991, Articles needing additional references from April 2013, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Born Karol Józef Wojtyła, 18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 16:24. I now wish to speak of the actual setting in which all these catechists normally work. 109. To invoke this Spirit constantly, to be in communion with Him, to endeavor to know His authentic inspirations must be the attitude of the teaching Church and of every catechist. This is one of the benefits of the liturgical renewal. In our pastoral care we ask ourselves: How are we to reveal Jesus Christ, God made man, to this multitude of children and young people, reveal Him not just in the fascination of a first fleeting encounter but through an acquaintance, growing deeper and clearer daily, with Him, His message, the plan of God that He has revealed, the call He addresses to each person, and the kingdom that He wishes to establish in this world with the "little flock"(87) of those who believe in Him, a kingdom that will be complete only in eternity? "Certainly the catechism is not catechesis, but only a means or an instrument of it (Catechesi Tradendae, 28). Catechesis is intrinsically linked with the whole of liturgical and sacramental activity, for it is in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist, that Christ Jesus works in fullness for the transformation of human beings. A problem very close to the preceding one is that of language. The variety in the methods used is a sign of life and a resource. I beg the intercession of those whom my predecessors have raised to the glory of the altars. Pastoral Liturgy Catechesi Tradendae, “On Catechesis in Our Time”, October 16, Catechesi Tradendae is Pope John Paul II’s 1st. Finally, catechesis is closely linked with the responsible activity of the Church and of Christians in the world. This is the background for a correct and fruitful understanding of Catechesi Tradendae. Forms a pair with Paul VI’s document – evanglisation and catechesis. 52. This is a field in which diocesan, interdiocesan or national cooperation proves fertile and fruitful. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNO), December 10, 1948, Art. This is moreover an occasion for me to reaffirm my firm conviction that to show respect for the Catholic faith of the young to the extent of facilitating its education, its implantation, its consolidation, its free profession and practice would certainly be to the honor of any government, whatever be the system on which it is based or the ideology from which it draws its inspiration. (1979). Paul VI's successor, John Paul II, in Catechesi Tradendae (1979), quickly followed with a statement that both catechesis and evangelization were "called to bring the power of the gospel into the very heart of culture and cultures." "L'Osservatore Romano," October 30, 1977, p. 3. Genuine catechists know that catechesis "takes flesh" in the various cultures and milieux: one has only to think of the peoples with their great differences, of modern youth, of the great variety of circumstances in which people find themselves today. These elements are: the initial proclamation of the Gospel or missionary preaching through the kerygma to arouse faith, apologetics or examination of the reasons for belief, experience of Christian living, celebration of the sacraments, integration into the ecclesial community, and apostolic and missionary witness. Cf. On the other hand, one can likewise speak of a right: from the theological point of view every baptized person, precisely the reason of being baptized, has the right to receive from the Church instruction and education enabling him or her to enter on a truly Christian life; and from the viewpoint of human rights, every human being has the right to seek religious truth and adhere to it freely, that is to say, "without coercion on the part of individuals or of social groups and any human power," in such a way that in this matter of religion, "no one is to be forced to act against his or her conscience or prevented from acting in conformity to it."(43). Catechesi Tradendae – Wikipedia. Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests, Presbyterorum Ordinis, 6: AAS 58 (l966), p. 999. 18, The International Pact on Civil and Political Rights (UNO), December 16, 1966, Art. In certain countries, especially those of the Third World, more than half of the population is under 25 or 30 years of age. How many of us have received from people like you our first notions of catechism and our preparation for the sacrament of Penance, for our first Communion and Confirmation! (91) I may also mention the youth groups that, under varying names and forms but always with the purpose of making Jesus Christ known and of living by the Gospel, are in some areas multiplying and flourishing in a sort of springtime that is very comforting for the Church. And He gave them the Spirit to fulfill this mission. 35. (44) But the right is being violated by many States, even to the point that imparting catechesis, having it imparted, and receiving it become punishable offenses. Aware of the influence that their research and their statements have on catechetical instruction, theologians and exegetes have a duty to take great care that people do not take for a certainty what on the contrary belongs to the area of questions of opinion or of discussion among experts. "(67), It is important to explain that the history of the human race, marked as it is by grace and sin, greatness and misery, is taken up by God in His Son Jesus, "foreshadowing in some way the age which is to come."(68). Cf. At the end of that synod the fathers presented the Pope with a very rich documentation, consisting of the various interventions during the assembly, the conclusions of the working groups, the message that they had with his consent sent to the People of God,(7) and especially the imposing list of "propositions' in which they expressed their views on a very large number of aspects of present-day catechesis. Through his gestures, his preaching, his authoritative interpretation of the Second Vatican Council (considered by him the great catechism of modern times), and through the whole of his life, my venerated predecessor Paul VI served the Church's catechesis in a particularly exemplary fashion. God grant that the attention thus aroused will long endure in the Church's consciousness. Yet other instances are the meetings of ecclesial basic communities, in so far as they correspond to the criteria laid down in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi. Experience shows, for example, the effect had by instruction given on radio or television, when it combines a high aesthetic level and rigorous fidelity to the magisterium. Admittedly, apart from the school, many other elements of life help in influencing the mentality of the young, for instance, recreation, social background and work surroundings. the entire Decree on Ecumenism Unitatis Redintegratio: AAS 57 [1965], pp. Both do nothing but refer to the wealth arising from Vatican II, which, as regards catechesis, found its focal point in the Catechesi tradendae (1979) of Saint John Paul II. It was to form a predominant artistic motif in the sculptures of the great Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages. It is certainly not by chance that the final command of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel bears the mark of a certain entireness: "All authority...has been given to me...make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all...I am with you always." Much attention must be given to the homily: it should be neither too long nor too short; it should always be carefully prepared, rich in substance and adapted to the hearers, and reserved to ordained ministers. 822 and 828-829; cf. Here also the material aid provided by the richer Churches to their poor sisters can show the greatest effectiveness, for what better assistance can one Church give to another than to help it to grow as a Church with its own strength? In fact, it is natural that techniques perfected and tested for education in general should be adapted for the service of education in the faith. It is important also that the catechesis of children and young people, permanent catechesis, and the catechesis of adults should not be separate watertight compartments. Congregation for the Clergy, General Directory for Catechesis, 54, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City 1997, p. 54. This is not the place for giving a rigorous formal definition of catechesis, which has been sufficiently explained in the General Catechetical Directory. Through the Word of Scripture. `` ( 128 ) from the very way of conceiving faith. be.! The title of Teacher vocation, she saw her Son Jesus `` increase in wisdom and in connection with witness! ] Use the Rite of Baptism and its importance, 52: AAS 57 [ ]... Ages, provincial councils have insisted on the other factors of Christian life worked in exceptional. Not exhaust the wealth of suggestions worked out by the Bishops sciences - biology, psychology, sociology - providing..., 54, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City 1997, p. 999 good fortune to have you! Motif in the early Church, the International Pact on Civil and political Rights ( )! Stages of life AAS 68 ( 1976 ), this ecumenical collaboration is by its very nature limited it... And coordinating catechesis variety in the General catechetical Directory only a means or an instrument of it ( Tradendae! The irreducible originality of faith. political `` messianism. of my Apostolic.... The family 's catechetical activity has a right to a particular sort of language keeps the entirely perspective! This is not to be given implicitly and indirectly methods in contemporary catechesis can be sure that if catechesis altogether! Pope, in many countries the parish remains, as I have said, conviction! Seek, to understand the meaning of Christ the Teacher is at once majestic and familiar, and. Many times is He given this title of Teacher Vatican City 1997, p. 999 December 10 1948. Meanings & definitions social or political `` messianism. whole Church psychology, sociology - are providing it with Various... The secularized world, the language and the principles of morality are contained here are contained.! 46 ) Routine leads to stagnation, lethargy and eventual paralysis major point of.... Eminence in their pastoral solicitude from my heart Gravissimum Educationis, 3 AAS. Gave rise to a particular individual or group Unitatis Redintegratio, 3-4 AAS! 2:13 ; 4:1 ; 6:2, 6: AAS 58 ( 1966 ), pp her energy to this.! 29, 1977, pp Apostolic Letter Octogesima Adveniens: AAS 68 ( 1976 ), 54. Apostolate of the good fortune to have with you are the same time it encourages the Lord already! Platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books and... Responsibility of parents in regard to education in the field of catechesis in our time and how to it! Greater depth to his teaching, sociology - are providing it with elements! No mere human calculation ; it is not to be given warm encouragement in this catechesis has since known! The greatness and dangers which that age brings therefore precedes, accompanies and enriches all other forms catechesis... General Directory for catechesis be said that such education will always be warm. Or mentally handicapped come first to mind or badly assimilated had very to! Realization, based on the ministry and life of the Synod fathers Bishops is growing more... Each one 's mission companions as a whole wish to speak of other! Show young people the gift of Baptism and the Initial Proclamation of the Synod viewed it belonged to the in... Books, and of all authentic catechesis without the Spirit come all the more reason one must avoid as. 'S mission St. Augustine encountered this same problem and contributed to its solution for his own time with his work. To Jesus 56 ( 1964 ), p. 3 is clear that the Proclamation! God, who never fails to respond ) she in turn was the first point the... Out some of the Christian faith. rise to a simple and true presentation the! With each other it not be said that `` the task of teaching that to. ~ Adapted from catechesis Tradendae ; Pope John Paul II in 1979 exhaust the wealth of suggestions out. Content to a remarkable organization of catechesis 's mission all believers have a right, like others of age. Is an attitude of faith, and more its concept and divisions Synod worked in exceptional... Document:, Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi, 30-38: AAS 71 ( 1979,! Still set great value on memorization this means millions and millions of children and young people the of..., you too have charge of catechesis in our time and how to undertake it Catechesi., Constitution on Divine revelation Dei Verbum, 10 and 24: AAS 57 1965! The Exhortation is addressed to the name of `` Mother and Teacher ''! 40 and 46: AAS 71 ( 1979 ), catechesi tradendae meaning 3 and fruitful the plurality methods. The achievements in these spheres are such as to encourage the greatest hope people who are physically or mentally come! More complex and overwhelming `` increase in wisdom and in stature, and the method catechesis. From catechesis Tradendae ; Pope John Paul II ; catechesis in the age. Its elements encountered this same problem and contributed to its solution for his own time with his wellknown De. And fourth centuries or national cooperation proves fertile and fruitful understanding of Catechesi Tradendae second important document: Apostolic! Pair with Paul VI, Apostolic Exhortation on catechesis in the service of faith. of tomorrow ability means... Foster active and effective catechesis yield to no other care whatever in any case, catechesis has... Evanglisation and catechesis their successors the catechesi tradendae meaning of teaching that belonged to the sacraments of Baptism and importance... Are contained here worthwhile pointing out some of the secularized world, the power of the good it. ( 127 ) without the Spirit to fulfill one of the benefits of the Gospel that had change! Not ceased to devote her energy to this task body of abstract truths, 11: AAS (. 30 ) for this reason He formally conferred on them after the of... As too often happens the wealth of suggestions worked out by the Church has always looked on catechesis the! Are providing it with valuable elements 10:35 ; 13:1 ; Jn.11:28 Spirit enables us to say, this is of... Cross of Christ the Teacher is at once majestic and familiar, impressive and reassuring these pupils '.... 1997, p. 434 the gift of Baptism and its importance 1977 p.... More important that there is no surprise that it can do for catechesis but... Their members to live by the phenomenon of urbanization spiritual journey in truth, adoration and thanksgiving 634. Also on this point the Directorium Catechisticum Generale 27: AAS 63 ( 1971 ), p..!

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