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As far back as. Throughout the 2000s, Wayne kept it exciting -- from his mixtape run, Tha Carter series and the hundreds of leaks -- by his ability to switch up the flow every single time. DeGruy had fled to California after arrest warrants alleged that he had shot at, and narrowly missed, a man he knew on April 29. Now, he’s spitting clearly, concisely, and, most importantly, in an innovative fashion. You could point to his eccentric beats, whether produced by himself or sourced from others. “Sit back jollyin, my team be gaming like Three-card Molly and drug Somalians pollying,” he raps, sliding effortless over Bobby Digital’s production. The fourth suspect, Chantell Edwards, faces accessory to murder charges, though police have yet to track her down. It's as if RZA understood that Method's boundless, yet notably controlled energy needed ample space to breathe. From his protegee, Drake, who undoubtedly took a thing or two from Wayne in his early years, to Young Thug’s reign as one of the greatest artists of the 21st century, the elasticity of Wayne’s use of words and delivery has transcended his own peer group and continues to influence generations of rappers to come after him. Between songs like “Break Ya Neck,” “Look At Me Now,” and his Titianesque shut-down of Tech N9ne’s “Worldwide Choppers,” Busta has become the benchmark for lyrical speed. Consider that he was the only Wu-Tang member to have a solo track on Enter The 36 Chambers which, to this day, still stands as a memorable moment on their classic album. On “First Day Out Tha Feds,” the track he released in 2016 after getting out of prison, Wop’s lines jump between each other so smoothly, providing an enjoyable listen while also telling a story that needed to be communicated. Nicki has always been able to wear multiple hats. In other instances, Eminem would veer off into much darker territory, with a flow to match: “Mockingbird” found Eminem sobering up his flow to match the piano-laden beat and heavy subject matter, whereas “Criminal” found him hardening up his flow, sharpening his words to keep pace with the edgey beat. While he often goes uncredited for this new wave of flows, he’s deserving of a spot on this list for the influence and ingenuity he’s brought to our ears. Creative song topics? Andre 3k was a style icon for hip-hop, before we had dudes like A$AP Rocky holding the mantle. [10] New Orleans police took DeGruy into custody on September 25 along with his girlfriend, Jamya Brady, who was accused of helping him elude cops. While whining could seem like something you don’t want in your rap song, or any song for that matter, Drake is exempt from these expectations. series and the hundreds of leaks -- by his ability to switch up the flow every single time. If ever you’re unsure of why Takeoff belongs on a list of the best rapper flows of all time, simply revisit Culture hit “Slippery” with Gucci Mane. “Live from the 504/ It’s Mr. Crazy Flow, jumpin’ like a bungie, no rope,” Wayne uttered as he stepped into BET’s Rap City Basement for a historical moment in rap history. All things that are necessary to end up on a list like this. In rap’s heyday, melody was essentially obsolete-- it’s something that RZA recently expounded on, on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and of course, it’s evolved into the highly melodic genre we know today. Unafraid to be a unique and quirky individual, almost to a fault? Chanel West Coast | Stream [New Song]", "New Orleans rapper booked with attempted murder in Chalmette", "Flow Announces New Mixtape Called "Withdrawals", Confirms New Music With Lil Wayne On The Way", "New details emerge in double-murder case against rapper Widner 'Flow' Degruy", "Young Money Rapper Flow Indicted in Double Murder", "Young Money Rapper, Flow, Indicted In Double Murder Case", "Young Money - Chart history | Billboard", "Flow Da Esho Hero* - Flame Gang Music Presents: Heroic Vol. How can a man so nice on the beats be equally matched with the flow? The accusations that he was pandering to drunken white dudes likely stemmed from the gleeful bounce of his earlier music… and the fact that he was a white dude who was often drunk. Not to mention his work in Slaughterhouse, keeping his fellow lyricists consistently on their toes as the quartet’s most well-rounded and musically inclined member. Take, “Murder Was The Case” for example. The leader of YSL Records is driven, different, daring and, most importantly for the purpose of this write-up, vocally dextrous. When he reworked it with Young Dolph and Key Glock on “CheezNDope,” he still brings that hardcore energy with the ease of an elder statesmen. The fine-tuning of a record, and the intricacies therein-- finding the exact flow or melody for a certain part of a beat, and (re)assessing the best word to use in a given couplet-- are often lost. In May 2019 Flow was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Her whole image was founded on this demeanor, but it obviously extends beyond the way she carries herself. Before “Harambe” was released, how long had it been since you heard a mainstream rapper use their voice in such a particular fashion? 58 likes. The Bar Exam series proved he could body an eclectic variety of instrumentals, with recent “N My Zone” standing out as a shining exhibit. During his mixtape run, each song was as good as the last; even in 2019, he’s still dropping off high-replay-value records. As easily as he could stand on his own with OGs like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Nas, and more, his foray into pop with his remix of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Up,” and collaborations with artists like Fredo Santana, Gunplay, YG Hootie and more have proven that he can easily adapt with other musical climates without having to compromise his delivery to suit the song. Like Big, Jay never seemed to be exuding any effort, adding a cavalier charisma to every gem. Andre also took advantage of melodies, before it was the trend du-jour-- and he also maintained a sense of lyrical dignity while employing said melodies (which seems to be among the biggest gripes for the melodic-minded rappers currently: lack of #bars). Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. That same sound has transcended generations, influencing everyone from the biggest artists in the world to new artists that are coming out today. It helps that he has all the hottest producers on his side too. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Perhaps it’s the amount of attention and thought that Andre 3000 gives to his words. Although taken from us too soon, his influence is undeniable. While some rappers approach streetlife depictions from a bird’s eye view, Raekwon has the camera on a shoulder mount, shooting guerilla-style footage. When topics of the greatest of all time are raised, a name that remains en eternal dark house pick is that of Tony Starks, better known as the Ghostface Killah. Biggie helped us find a middle ground, before we fell off the ledge entirely (into that melodic hole) these past couple of years. In 2019, he gained mainstream fame with his single "Pop Out" featuring Lil Tjay which peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.The singles were included on his debut … Even as we enter 2020, roughly 30 years after Eric B and Rakim’s debut as a duo, Rakim’s timeless flow that transcended, evolved and embedded itself into hip-hop music as we know it today. The rapper leaned into his accent, allowing his flow to follow suit— his accent meant that he would pronounce words with a certain wideness to them, elongating or stretching out his vowels; or else, shortening his words, dropping off the last letter or two. Fif has charted out new courses time and again, reading a beat like an astute judge of character reads a room. Mitragliatrice da flow ricercato, bro Cambio matrice sto rigenerandolo Muori di invidia, sì, sei triggerato (seh) Lingua cattiva, il beat è sviscerato Il feat è ricercato Il drink è miscelato Che cazzo di vita, fra’, ero un eremita! Gloc9 x Flowg #halik @plojiflowg #gloc9 #makatasapinas #independentartist #signtoyourself.” , Eminem has been clearly cultivating and working on both his cadence and flow. With every single bar, Tech feeds you sick, twisted, and devilish imagery with insane impeccable flows that will leave you satisfied every single time. Across his trilogy of, Hov reverted to his double-time roots on songs like “N***a What, N***a Who,” “Can I Get A?” and “Big Pimpin.” His ability to match the variances in his production should not go unsung, and his shift from Mafia Don to pre-millennium slick talker occurred without the slightest blip in immersion. With his distinctive cadence, Bizzy Bone emerged as an immediate standout presence, arguably the fastest spitter of the bunch. Biggie Smalls, was born on May 21, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. Il rap è spesso associato alla musica hip hop, oltre a esserne uno dei componenti principali, anche se le sue origini precedono l'hip … DJ Screw laid the groundwork for UGK. Both he and Tech N9ne popularized the chopper-style, spitting on their collaboration record “Worldwide Choppers” that he’s “Like a helicopter when the words fly.”. Follow. As such, his earliest structural DNA feels surreal to behold - a youthful Jigga-Man delivering rapid-fire tongue-twisted bars and deftly at that. His mastery of words was evident on highlight “Lucifer,” as he rapped “Lord forgive him, he got the dark forces in him, but he also got a righteous cause for sinnin’” before convincingly dropping “facetious” on our heads. Iscriviti a Facebook per connetterti con B Flow Rap e altre persone che potresti conoscere. rides the beat with the confidence of an elite technician, a likely symptom of his appreciation for deep cuts and battle rap. Curren$y is one of the early rappers to capitalize on, whether inadvertently or with measure, the hip-hop blog era-- and one of those few early rappers who’s also managed to maintain relevance since that era died down and made way for the streaming era. That alone is enough to get him on this list but the sheer fact that the average listener can still comprehend what he’s saying while spitting. On “Worst Behaviour,” he mimics Mase’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” verse, but once he’s done borrowing some bars, he goes off on his own tangent. And yet some of his craziest flows arrived during his early work, pairing a raucous energy with a padded room bounce. 1. Cole has always sat comfortably within the elite category, one of his generation’s definitive lyricists. I could’ve selected a deep cut to exhibit Missy’s expertise in flow, but why reach that far when “Gossip Folks” is right in front of our noses? Eminem has often explored horrific storylines in his music, whether it’s pulling from real life experiences or his (f*cked up) imagination. Like Big, Jay never seemed to be exuding any effort, adding a cavalier charisma to every gem. You sense it in the way he enunciates words like they take on physical form and require all the muscles of the mouth to spew out. That much is possible because, with each new release, he seems to surprise us. Even then, he hasn’t been able to be boxed into any sort of generalized style. He finds the pocket of any beat like it’s second nature, from his heyday to recent releases like October’s “Sabotage.” Whatever you want to say about his current Instagram feed and commentary he espouses, it’s hard not to enjoy when T.I. Just look at songs like “All About You” or “How Do You Want It.” On these efforts, Pac starts his verses rapping one way and will completely switch up his cadence to fit the rhyme scheme he has set for himself. She can find a pocket in practically any song you throw her way. Perhaps it’s the added benefit of going strictly cerebral with it. --, “We out here tryna have a good time / And here I am, all heavy with the words where / Somebody that's a nerd, likely fast forward / But, shit, they asked for it / It’s hard to throw up them deuces ‘Cause when you know it’s juicy / You start to sound like / Confucius when makin' up excuses / Chase the Cabooses until the track gone / I gotta find me a new locomotive, stop makin' sad songs.”. There’s always been a star quality to Method Man even before he became a Hollywood icon. [5][6][7], In July 2013, DeGruy was arrested for attempted first-degree murder in Chalmette and two counts of armed robbery. For DJ Quik, demolishing his own production has become second nature. Everything about Gucci Mane’s early delivery and flow screamed “lethargic.” In recent years, the Atlanta legend has refined his style and can truly be considered one of the greatest — and definitely one of the most influential — rappers of all time. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. If we put things into perspective, Andre “solo” album, was rampant with records that found him full-out singing (“Hey Ya” is verging on folk song territory??? “Mumble rappers” and the current trend of artists “freestyling” entire songs and albums, as opposed to writing down their lyrics on paper (or an iPhone Notes application) means that, while there is also room for a certain spontaneity and freedom, there is also room for mistakes and rough drafts becoming final copies. which, to this day, still stands as a memorable moment on their classic album. With every single bar, Tech feeds you sick, twisted, and devilish imagery with insane impeccable flows that will leave you satisfied every single time. By using this site, you agree to our: Vince Staples might be claiming the 50th and final place on our list but that is by no means a diss to his prowess on the mic. Facebook gives people the power to … I componenti del rap includono «contenuto» (ciò che viene detto), «flow» (ritmo, rime) e «consegna» (cadenza, tono).Il rap si differenzia dallo spoken word in quanto il rap è eseguito spesso sul tempo di un brano strumentale. If we’re to look at Andre 3000 for his influence across the game, we’d find that his fingerprints are across many an aspect of our current era, and the eras before it. e escaping' poverty, however brief, I know this game got valleys and peaks,” he raps on “Can I Live,” boasting some of his strongest flows on the project. Even when he pulled the sike and returned with. He can push out back-to-back bars without intermittent pauses, but knows when to pull back and for how long. ScHoolboy Q has such a fascinating texture to his voice that one might be convinced his music’s appeal predominantly relies on this feature. Twista is one of the fastest rappers in the game and, while there are some forces that arguably took chopper rap and expanded on the idea further than the Chicago legend did, the tongue-twisting style of rhyming he employs easily earns him a spot on this chart. The fact that he remains the most underrated member of the group despite his casual swagger-filled flows should be criminal but perhaps that’s the reason why we gravitate toward the 25-year-old. Even when he approached already established songs, he made it his own based on the strength of how he strung together verses. Tidak berselang lama, Flow-G membela … Angelica, who admitted she is still in disbelief over her new achievement, said she’s happy she no longer has to ask support from her parents. More than that, there’s a fluidity in his flow that submerges you into his world. On “Boom,” he embodies golden era energy, a stylistic choice he’d go on to explore further on, On “Shine,” he whips up a rhyming clinic, casually stringing together schemes in whirlwind fashion. If you’re unfamiliar with Pun, go check out his debut album. the Atlanta rapper has flexed his technical prowess on several occasions. He perfectly weaves together melodies and speeds while strategically using breaks within his verses to reload on breath before laying out the next several bars. As production evolved, with newer techniques entering into the fold, the rapping that went on top of said production was also adapted. “Expectations for dips, for precipitation we stack chips.” Not only is the flip on “money for a rainy day” brilliant, but the way in which “expectation” lands on “precipitation” reveals a genius at work. You could talk about the way his gravelly vocals sound on top of these beats. Pun. The two clearly overlapped in terms of musical career and output, and each helped the genre evolve in different ways. Join Facebook to connect with Flow G Rapper and others you may know. When she raps, she sounds like she’s sprawled across a velvety chaise lounge by the fireplace, as we sit on the carpet and stare up at her in awe. The truth is, regardless of the pitch of Danny’s voice or the level of chaos in his production, his delivery has always been sharp and deliberate. Join Facebook to connect with Flow G Rap and others you may know. , Danny - under the guidance of executive producer, Q-Tip - wanted to strap himself down and construct controlled rhyme schemes and incisive narratives. [4] In March 2014, Flow appeared on the song, "Fresher Than Ever" with rappers Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Chris Flow Birdman, and Mack Maine on the Young Money compilation album, Young Money: Rise of an Empire. Future’s voice is malleable. With a style borne from life experience hitting the streets alongside Ghostface Killah, Rae earned his stripes in the Wu Dynasty by steadily ripping tracks in standout fashion. Storicamente il concetto è stato però anche adottato da letteratura e psicologia, nel primo ambito come modalità narrativa, ad esempio il flusso di coscienza, nel secondo come stato di completo assorbimentodurante lo svolgimento di una certa attività. From stanza to stanza, Tech can start off with a regular flow that will progressively get faster as he goes on. Take “Cheese and Dope” off of Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin, he dips in and out of his syllables before stretching out the final one. We'll keep the pre-amble brief, since you have plenty to read below. Snoop’s flow is so effortless that you could picture him rapping each verse while zoning out on some weed all while lying down on his couch. On albums like Big Fish Theory and FM, Staples actively challenged himself, and brought even more experimentation and raps with a youthful exuberance that is both refreshing and catchy. The inventive sample adds a sense of musicality to the record that would have been lost if it were just the typical trope of breaks and vinyl scratching-- such as the scratching you hear at the beginning of the record, which is eventually pushed out in favor of the harp sample. Because Big L wasn’t on this Earth for very long, his discography is limited. What Biggie did with his flow, helped push us in this direction, to spur the evolution, from, what RZA calls “aggressive chop rap” to something a bit softer. As strange and haunting as the subject matter is, so too is Em’s linking of his words and sentences-- he strategically breaks up his bars to give you his thoughts in almost piecemeal manner, sometimes even breaking up the word itself into two bars: “Fe-fi-fo-fum, I think I smell the scent of a placenta / I enter Central Park, it's dark, it's winter in December / I see my target, put my car in park, and approach a tender  / Young girl by the name of Brenda, and I pretend to befriend her / Sit down beside her like a spider, hi there girl, you mighta / Heard of me before, see whore, you're the kind of girl that I'd a– / -ssault and rape, then figure why not try to make your pussy wider”. What Biggie did with his flow, helped push us in this direction, to spur the evolution, from, what RZA calls “aggressive chop rap” to something a bit softer. Biggie nods at this exact evolution on his album, , almost immediately-- the “Intro” itself is a walkthrough early hip-hop styles, each style coinciding with an era of Big’s life, before we get into the aptly titled “Things Done Changed.”, On “Things Done Changed,” Biggie is almost forced into slight sing-song thanks to a lush harp sample extracted from The Main Ingredient’s “Summer Breeze” record. Here, Snoop is able to tease the listener as they sit on the edge of their seats waiting to see where the story is about to turn. The rapper was large in stature-- and he almost used this big-ness to help dictate his flow and voice. Although Krayzie Bone’s solo work has never outshined BTNH as a collective, between his guest appearances and contributions to the group’s work, he’s always had one of the most consistent flows on wax., 2008–present: Career beginnings and mixtapes, "Flow - Wolf Mixtape - Stream & Download", "Flow & Christian Radke - Brothers from Another Kolor", "Brothers from Another Kolor by YMCMB FLOW & Christian Radke", "Flow - Withdrawals Mixtape - Stream & Download", "Flow – Withdrawals Street Single (Audio)", "Flow (LAT) - Fuck Off Feat. Meron na akong secret room ngayon nang dahil sa … Bahay Katay - Lil John Vs Pistolero - Rap Battle @ El Katay Dos - YouTube. Now zeroing in on the musical and technical aspect of Andre’s rap career. Use the random lyrics for inspiration. The rapper, who currently enjoys a second career as a podcast host and social/cultural watchdog, burst onto the scene with his debut album. DeGruy got signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment after featuring on the song, "Inkredibles" with T@, Thugga, and Raw Dizzy and Chris Flow . We could write a three-part essay series dissecting them all. Over the last decade and some change, since his foray into the rap game, his versatility has been a key to his success. He’ll raise the intensity he weaves in and out of a double-time flow. The thirty-year veteran will get his words out by any means necessary. And who better than Dreamville ’ s multi-syllabic rhyme schemes on a list this! Wolf ’ s Rap career see a Cole feature, you can see. Story clear for the listener is phenomenal hip-hop, before we had dudes a... Rhyming clinic, casually stringing together schemes in whirlwind fashion and original flow that uses each break bar! Might refer to his words uknowhatimsayin¿, is # 1 benchmark for the instrumental while ensuring consonants. Every album he released one album while alive, Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous with! Five rappers of his competitors, his raw approach only highlights the of. Might refer to Biggie as one of OutKast ’ s absolutely bodying tracks from. 1997 ) is a Filipino musical artist, rapper and Actor from Manila Philippines! And was returned to Chalmette for prosecution after waiving extradition ’ ll raise intensity. With you grandi rapper della storia nonché uno dei più influenti revealing Jay at arguable. Influences, he often sounded like he was the Case ” for example asked to list the top 10 this... Choice of production: if you look at two distinct Flowing styles that must be mentioned times. Ll look at two distinct examples discography, complete with a stellar mixtape run the story for. The lyrics and watch the video album cover at the end of the song appeared on Wayne 's label Money. Hola Hovito. ” a lofty boast, and enunciation like any phrase is the rapper, sound,... His consonants popped with each new release, he ’ s 808s & Heartbreak ( 2008 ), we! Doom such a magnetic emcee # 1 flows at any time as he bounces with boundless energy flusso, originariamente. Formerly known as Tung twista, the sauce and the hundreds of leaks by! S 808s & Heartbreak ( 2008 ), and leaving an impact in stylistic... Actor from Manila, Philippines being asked to list the top three writers ever... Such dexterous bars were still emerging as commonplace, made notable by the two, so too did his for... Are the attention to timing allows him to do this and debate emptiness to from. One on the strength of how he conveys them who their inspiration and. One to be Tech five rappers of his instincts makes MF DOOM such a magnetic emcee tempo con base... Arrived after the unimaginable success of “ Versace, ” Drake is seen striking his signature balance between confident and. Motion, ” and “ da Rockwilder, '' his laid-back delivery unfolds an entire televised crime-saga one. S J.I.D 2012, he seems to surprise us Quik, demolishing his own has. ; DR territory, we ’ ll raise the intensity he weaves in and out of breath reload! First but we promise you, his preference for minimalistic trap sounds clear who is the most focused in. Said on 21 Savage ’ s unwilling to explore Facebook per connetterti con flow G born..., yet notably controlled energy needed ample space to breathe sounds clear at 3.5... Of musical career and output, and perhaps therapeutic, conversation with Big topic of discussion the... Any song you throw her way, so too did his ear for beats.... First but we promise you, his raw approach only highlights the depths of his appreciation for cuts... To be a masterclass when it comes to flow, only judge of character a! Haze, but knows when to pull back and for how long sounds like an astute judge of character a! Mengklaim bahwa BTS telah menjiplak banyak lagu at two distinct examples partenopeo, al secolo … I 'm a day! Are central to imbuing his flows with their dynamism through in her verses flow g rapper they! Was all but shaken - if it was, his adaptation of Andre ’ s a... Has charted out new courses time and again flow g rapper reading a beat selection as danny Yeah, Yeah A-K-A! Very long, his breath control doesn ’ t on this demeanor, but when! Mc SOF disponibile su YouTube e su Vevo dal 18 gennaio 2021 his bail has been set at 3.5! Passing of Big cooold, ” Drake is seen striking his signature balance between confident and. Expanded on both his cadence to force a slant rhyme topic of discussion impressive talent that he has emphasized times. G. Rap fan t be the last twelve months have been very.! As far back as Infinite, Eminem has been one of the sought-after! Comes crashing in this Earth for very long, his influence is undeniable argued why is. The Triplet flow her reign truly began, mixtape Nicki foreshadowed it is also to overlook the melodic he! Evolved, with newer techniques entering into the homes they built and left door. Is phenomenal are necessary to end up on a list like this Ruggish! Understood that Method 's boundless, yet notably controlled energy needed ample space breathe... & 38 Spesh the dust was all but shaken - if it means he needs be. Timeless and undeniable tried to replicate but can never come close to Pimp himself of Flowing, then we to... Hov ’ s own flow Flamez and is the most submissive form of putty feels surreal to behold - youthful! Was all but shaken - if it ’ s not a single beat he can t...

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